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    Your home
    at your fingertips
    Remotely Control and Monitor
    All of your Home.
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    Smart Circuit Breaker
    Innovation that transforms
    All of the Appliances
    into a Digital World.
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    Easy, Fast, Plug&Play installation.
    Replace your existing circuit breakers with
    the Pluton Power Smart Circuit Breakers
    and connect to your new Smart Home.

What is PlutonPower?

PlutonPower Smart Circuit Breaker + PlutonPower App
It is the most affordable solution for home automation and energy management.

Easy Installation

Replace existing circuit breaker with PlutonPower Smart Circuit Breaker in minutes.

Mobile Application

Control and monitor your entire home through a single mobile app.

Private & Secure

Protect your property by controlling access to your family & friends.

Energy Efficient

Pluton helps you become efficient, enlightening you with individual costs.


Your home – in the palm of your hand with PlutonPower App

Remote Control

Turn on and off devices remotely.


Reduce radiation and anti-shock plugs for your children.

Money Saving

Tips on cost reductions.

Energy Efficiency

Accurately track energy consumption and optimize it.

Privacy & Security

Control access to your home, data by yourself.

Timer Functions

Use certain appliances only during low tariffs.


Be informed about every detail.

Reliabile Electricity

Auto Demand Response prevent blackouts.

Sleep mode

Reduce stand-by consumption.

Optimize Costs

and share you bills between households.

Reviews from our Early Adopters

We have deployed our early technology into 50 households,
and here it is what they say:

“With Pluton Power app I don't need to worry anymore if I forgot to switch off any appliances after leaving my home.”

- Ursula Krisper

“Being able to control my house remotely is really kind of a cool feature for me. I can control it from distance, like turn on the water heaters and central heating.”

- Dreja Novak

“Now I finally know how much each appliance is costing me. I was really surprised that my TV is such a big consumer. That is why my electricity bill has been so high.”

- Manca Vuk

“Charging an electric vehicle, heating a spa and using other electrical devices at the same time causes electricity black outs. PlutonPower is able to distribute power between such a powerful devices and allow me not to be concerned about exceeding my home's max power. One thing less to worry about.
Thank you PlutonPower! ”

- Amadej Lah

PlutonPower App

See what will you be able to do with the first release of our App

Control Appliances

Monitor Costs

Control Individual Appliances

Receive Alerts

PlutonPower Smart Circuit Breaker Installation

Take a closer look how to retrofit your electrical panel with the PlutonPower Smart Circuit Breaker

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