Uroš Platiše, CEO on the left, and Mr. Christian Benger Councillor of Carinthia in the middle.

PlutonPower was selected among 11 from 300 start-ups Europe wide for a match making event with Corporations in Carinthia, the Pulldock 2017. Event lead by Mr. Werner Wutscher, a series investor, is focused to align expectations among the start-ups and corporations, fit cultural gap, and make them ready for a long-term partnerships.

This years Pulldock corporations were Philips, Kelag (Energy / Utility), Liebherr, Bosch Mahle TurboSystems, and Ortner, supported by the Land of Carinthia, and Build!. One of the key interests in focus expressed by these corps are products related to Energy Efficiency.

PlutonPower Smart Circuit Breakers help solving energy efficiency not just in homes, but also smart factories. Recently follow-ups has happened with Bosch Mahle TurboSystems, and Kelag, as well as internally among the start-ups.

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